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Get to Know Us

Do you remember sitting around your kitchen table crafting as a kid? Studio You is bringing back crafting for both children and adults. With a boutique aesthetic you, your friends and family can come enjoy instructional, hands-on workshops where you will assemble your own custom sign from raw materials using different painting techniques and tools to customize it to your home. 


Studio You was born from three friends that share the love of all things DIY. They have always loved creating for others and this gives them the opportunity to do that on a much bigger scale. They are moms of collectively 10 kids from infant to high school all here in Windsor. With a deep sense of community love, they truly want this place to benefit all. Date nights, girls night out, teacher gifts, Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts, birthday parties and so much more they cannot wait to create something special with you. 


Come alone or bring a group of friends - these workshops are for everyone! Whether you are a DIY'er or the BIY'er Studio You has got you covered.